Hints to trips

Wine-cellar of state enterprise Forests of the Slovak Republic – 0,5 km

Bison game preserve
– 5km - was founded in 1958 with the purpose of contributing to the effort of saving a species that then consisted of mere 150 individuals worldwide. The whole area was declared a protected study zone. Since the very beginning, the game preserve is managed by the Lesy SR, š.p. (State enterprise Forests of the Slovak Republic)

Topoľčianky castle – 0km - Formerly Late-Gothic castle (15th - 16th century) in Renaissance and Baroque style with Classicistic extensions. After World War I. it served as a summer residence of Czechoslovak presidents. The classicist wing of the castle was restructured into a museum exhibiting historical furniture.

National Stud Farm Topoľčianky
– 0,4km - The National Stud Farm in Topoľčianky is known as being one of the most important European breeding centres.

Zlaté Moravce (city) – 5,2km – tennis-courts, swimming pool, fitness, sports hall, climbing wall, museum

Arboretum Mlyňany – 15,5km – Arboretum Mlyňany boasts the largest and most valuable exotic evergreen wood species in Slovakia.

Hrušov – 4,5km - Ruins of the Gothic castle from 13th century, which was destroyed in 1708.

Beladice (village) – 16,2km – Beladice manor house from 18. century

Gýmeš – 18,3km - Ruins of a Gothic castle built in 13th century.

Bojnice (city)– 50,8km – Bojnice castle, Spa Bojnice, ZOO

Nitra (city) – 32,4km – Nitra castle, synagogue, swimming pool, park…

Brhlovce (village) – 44,8k - the complex of rock dwellings squeezed in tuff rocks

Levice (city)
– 32,3km – Levice castle, clerical monuments, swimming pool, museum